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Have a read of the real-life workplace experiences that people have been kind enough to write for us. Some have been experienced by team managers and some have been experienced by team members. They are all anonymous or have been anonymised.

Contributors have said how cathartic it was to write out their experience (when it has been an unpleasant one) and readers say how they relating others’ stories to their own situations – and are taking new actions as a result.

See our approach to making workplaces more communicative, productive and enjoyable.

Good Boss

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Beth shares her experience of when redundancies were announced. How did she handle it? How did her boss handle it?

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This will bring a smile to your face. Patrick turns a simple idea into a team tradition. Would this idea work for you?

Bad Boss

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Rachel was excited to be the first employee joining a London based start up, even at half her previous salary. But then financial issues rose to the surface, one of the founders had attention decifit hyperactivity disorder and then customers stopped signing up! What can we learn here?

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This CEO has so many bad facets that he could be from a TV comedy series. Except it is much less amusing in real life. Read about Brian’s recent experience in this company with a big revolving door.

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Here we have an example of a senior person who acted ethically and yet was punished because he was courageous enough to stand up to the system. The directors then feared him so made him redundant.

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What happens when a manager’s disorganisation becomes something far worse? Teresa found out…

Good Team

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Read how Zoe maintains calm and order on set.

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What happens when you spend a lot of time with an employee?

Bad Team

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We hear how Sally works late and does admin at the weekend because she cannot rely on her team to do things right. How did it get like this and what can she do about it?

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Read what happened in this story when one team member didn’t get much attention

What clients are saying

Suzanne is a natural coach with insights that verged on psychic at times! Her insights, observations and her ability to hold you to account in moving forward are incredible.


Emma Ryan - Trainer and Coach

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