One of the most fulfilling aspects of being alive is to be able to give time and money in alignment with my values.

My chosen charities for 2017 are the Girls Network and Tomorrow’s People.

Girls Network HDB charity

In 2013, two secondary school teachers from the UK witnessed barriers facing girls in their classrooms:

  • The pressure to conform to ideals
  • A lack of confidence or self-belief
  • A lack of professional female role models in their networks

so they started the one-to-one mentoring scheme called “Girls Network”. Mentors from the professional world give their time to over 1,000 teenage girlsin the south-east of England.

  • 100% of girls on the scheme reported feeling more confident in themselves, and in how to get to where they want to go
  • Teachers saw 89% of girls demonstrate more resilience and self-motivation at the end of just one year

I am honoured to have been accepted to mentor my first teenage girl.


This is an organisation where I donate 10% of my business profits:

Tomorrow's People HDB charity

Tomorrow’s People is an employment charity that supports young people and adults who are struggling to get into work. Their programmes ensure participants develop the skills, self-belief and resilience they need to get and keep a job.

Tomorrow’s People has a clear mission to support the people who have become detached from the world of work, and who face apparently overwhelming barriers to getting a job. The charity believes in the potential of individuals to find work and draws on more than 30 years of expertise on the frontline.

Time and again the organisation has proven that their approach transforms people from a life dependent on benefits to a positive future in work. Their support for people who are the furthest from the jobs market transforms lives, communities and the economy.

A 2016 report by volunteer economists from the Bank of England for Pro Bono Economics stated that between 2007 and 2014 Tomorrow’s People youth programmes demonstrated an average benefit to society of £380 for every £100 invested.


Both of these charities share one of the same simple missions as Human Driven Business – to provide the tools to enable people to find their own unique voice.