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Our products and services have been designed for organisations in the UK that conduct – or wish to conduct – staff surveys. We dovetail into the HR function with ease. After using our products, we find that managers see real improvements in their team members’ stress levels, communication, idea generation and productivity. And that, of course, makes the HR Director’s role much more satisfying.

Our employee engagement products

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Career crossroads

Are you at a career crossroads? Are you feeling a bit stuck in a professional rut? Unhappy at work? Confused as to where professional satisfaction lies? Did you used to know where you going professionally but now you’re a bit […]

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Looking for high employee engagement? It’s on your screen right now.

Turn up the volume, press play on this 3 minute video and click on the full screen button to see an overview of what Engagement Multiplier actually looks like.

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Are you open to peak performance?

Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include personality, skills….. and motivation.

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