Are you open to peak performance?

Why and how to motivate people

Have you observed that some people don’t perform to the same high level as they once did? Or that maybe you, they, your team or your organisation have been through serious change in the last 18 months?

Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include personality, skills….. and motivation. And here’s an interesting question:

Q: What does a manager get from a team member who has a positive personality and is skilled at their job and yet who can’t be bothered to do the work?

A: An employee who is not energised enough to give their best work. The employee is not a peak performer and normal performance appraisal methods are not effective to reignite their spark.  Recruiting using only personality, competency, strengths and skills assessments is not the answer. Nor is that the simplest way for discover who will do their best work.

It is after we have recognised our own core motivators that we can have confidence in what makes us thrive as individuals in the workplace. When we thrive, we are enthused and we do our best work, which has a greater impact on the bottom line.

Teams that thrive do work with impact

One of the most important factors, often almost completely overlooked, is the motivational profile of the individual and of the individual compared with the team.

For teams to thrive and do their best work, everyone needs to be aware of each other’s motivational profile and be able to fuel those motivators. As a Manager, can you imagine the difference it would make if you knew precisely the “performance pre-requisites” of each of your team? You would have the key to manage them…. and to watch their performance soar.

Most teams are assembled on the basis of relevant and complementary skill sets with a common purpose. What motivates the people in the team is not generally considered, so any conflicts between people are seen as ‘personality’ clashes. However, ‘personality’ clashes often stem from having differing – and invisible – motivators. What the Maps do is make this information visible.

There are many tests out there that measure your motivators and drivers but this seems to differentiate itself by also measuring how your current situation is meeting those motivations – this facilitated a couple of big ‘aha’ moments for me!
Emma Ryan, Business Trainer and Mindfulness Coach

Having worked in HR for a long time I have used many tools before and have always been disappointed at the lack of accuracy, real insight and plan to move forward. However, the Motivational Map® was incredible in all three.
Stephen Cloves, HR consultant, Linked HR

Team Maps enable leaders to be able to determine whether the energies of the team are aligned with purpose, whether there are conflicts that need addressing, and finally how to provide rewards that motivate people: each report contains at least 11 actionable ideas. In short, Maps enable the team to perform at a higher level.

A Team Map improves team communication through the use of a brand new shared language. This creates smoother transitions and staff engagement.

The John Lewis Partnership, Siemens and Oracle have benefited from using Individual and Team Maps. 95% said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found their personalised information useful.

A superbly valuable recruitment tool

This tool is useful for newly formed and established teams and yet can be even more powerful when used at the recruitment stage. What other tool can predict performance levels from a shortlist of seemingly equally skilled people?

Motivating an existing semi-engaged workforce is expensive (see our Engagement Calculator) Investing from the outset in highly engaged, high performing candidates is so much cheaper.

Since the feedback, I have challenged my previous priorities of activities – both day to day and long term – which has had some immediate effects, leaving me feeling more energised and focused.
Richard Lago – Managing Director, Carat Associates

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If you want to find out more how knowing our own core motivators increases our personal performance, contact Suzanne to ask for an short conversation and case studies. She is licensed to deliver the unique and proven Individual and Team Motivational Maps®.  She uses them as part of a Peak Performance Discovery Session in which every client creates a Motivational Action Plan.

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