Looking for high employee engagement? It’s on your screen right now.

Retaining your best workers is your priority… isn’t it?

Turn up the volume, press play on this 2 minute video and click on the full screen button. See why you need to accelerate engagement to improve your company’s performance.

Engagement Multiplier is so much more than a staff survey – it reveals how your own company can:

  1. increase morale, retention and satisfaction
  2. reduce turnover, sick days and quality errors
  3. delight your customers and attract new, higher quality customers
  4. increase productivity, efficiency and company profits
  5. connect senior managers more to your business
  6. enhance manageability of your employees
  7. create a company-wide culture of trust and well-being

This employee engagement survey tool unlocks your organisation’s potential

In my opinion, employee surveys can be disappointing, a waste of time and money and sometimes they even do more harm than good.

What is this Engagement Multiplier tool then?

Well, firstly, this is not your standard annual staff survey. If it was, it would not be something Human Driven Business would want to associate itself with. It’s a superb, engagement feedback mechanism with intelligent and empowering benefits.  It’s quite simply the essential ingredient of your employee retention strategy.

It’s an employee engagement audit which you can use whether you have an engagement programme or not.

So far, over 80% companies have achieved “engaged” status within just 12 months of using Engagement Multiplier.

So how come Engagement Multiplier works?

One of the many fabulous features is that the engagement cycle repeats automatically every 3 months, starting with a unique automatically-distributed survey.

Leaders get to hear about company issues as whispers, before they become painfully loud or too big to tackle.

So it does not mean more work for HR, senior managers or the CEO. The opposite in fact. It highlights realistically sized actions that leaders – and employees – can take in the following 90 days.

The most intelligent aspect is that it promotes personal accountability from everyone in the organisation.

Businesses have been transformed inside and out, for 9 whole minutes a quarter.


What does the tool look like?

Turn up the volume, press play on this 3 minute video and click on the full screen button to see an overview of this simple yet devastatingly effective tool.

You can see the unique features when you book your live demo here

Ask about the secure follow up feature which highlights sensitive issues or progresses innovation after the survey – anonymously.

Review and preview

Imagine the results your company could achieve if you had access to unique, personalised information quarter after quarter after quarter. You’d be foolish not to use this information, especially knowing that if after 12 months, you’re not delighted by the results, you can point firmly to the money back guarantee.

So why wait? Take advantage of your very own unique insights and get ahead in your industry now.


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