Career crossroads

Are you at a career crossroads?

Are you feeling a bit stuck in a professional rut? Unhappy at work? Confused as to where professional satisfaction lies? Did you used to know where you going professionally but now you’re a bit lost? It happens to us all!

When we are happy at work – whether in our own business or in employment – we thrive. We do our best work and this has a greater impact on our clients, our teams and yes, our personal life.

I believe that when we recognise and accommodate our personal core drivers (motivators), we can be much more confident in our professional choices.

  • Do you want to understand what’s most important to you professionally
  • Do you want to understand precisely to what level your current professional situation is fulfilling you? And why?
  • Do you want to know what to look for – and avoid – in your next career move?
  • Do you want to know whether employment or self-employment suits you best?
  • Do you want to know the most important questions that you personally need to ask the interviewer?
  • Do you want to know what sort of self-employment options would be good to explore?

Here are some quotes from recent testimonials that say it better than I can:

Motivational Maps are particularly good if you are in any way stuck around your career or feeling dissatisfied with work. Suzanne was extremely insightful in working with me to apply the report to my current situation and defining actions steps forward. Highly recommended and I am already thinking and doing things differently as a result.

What I liked in particular was firstly that it [Map] draws out what motivates you and secondly that it offers suggestions to get more of what it is you need, it’s not an abstract, academic exercise – it’s a practical way of making my current role work better for me.

A natural coach with insights that verged on psychic at times! Suzanne listens, observes and asks some killer questions that help shift perspectives and ways forward. She’s also very engaging, fun and inspiring to be around.

Thank you so much for your support and for inspiring a change. I feel like I have regained my confidence and the quality of my work has dramatically improved as a result. I can’t thank you enough.

I thought I was in a good place and the tool showed I was. However, I’m now in an even better one. Thank you Suzanne.

It was incredibly helpful as it reassured me I was going in the right direction, and that I could make it a success.

I would highly recommend the Motivational Map to anyone – whether you are transitioning to another type of job/career or want to get more out of your present job.

Download a sample Motivational Map Report here. Each report contains at least 11 actionable ideas and your Report will be tailored to you and may contain additional pages.

I am fully trained and licensed to deliver the unique and proven Individual Motivational Maps® and use them as the foundation to the Career Clarity Discovery Session. This marvellous tool was created in the UK ten years ago and over 33,000 people have benefitted from it around the world.

If you want to speak confidentially to someone who has your very best interests at heart and gives you clarity about your next career move, click here to book a complimentary 15 minute call. Remove that uncertainty and find out which way to go!

  • Prices start at £200