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December 2016: This month’s newsletter focuses on the January 2017 update to the outstanding employee feedback platform. New Feature 1. The ability to ask two of your own custom questions in addition to the standard set that remain constant every […]

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November 2016: Here’s a quote from a satisfied UK organisation (150 people) which has been on the feedback platform and already noticed visible business improvements: As the the process of creating our Engaged Purpose has been rolling out and our […]

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October 2016: Here we focus on the personalisation of the English language used in the Engagement Multiplier employee feedback platform. The new custom labelling capability provides the ability to customise Engagement Multiplier’s standard  names, Owners, Leaders, Employees and Customers with […]

September 2016: Here’s a wonderful testimonial video from a client who has been more than surprised after using Engagement Multiplier for a year. He opens up about the impact it’s had on him, his employees and his customers. Very helpful […]

July 2016: This month’s newsletter focuses on another new feature called Suggestion Box. Suggestion Box brilliant in its simplicity. Its use is twofold. Firstly, CEOs like using it as a pulse check to issue a request for feedback from people […]

June 2016: This month’s newsletter focuses on a unique staff survey feature from Engagement Multiplier where “you will not only be enlightened by what you learn, but your team will also feel you’re listening to them more than ever”. It’s […]

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May 2016: Human Driven Business is an authorised partner of the devastatingly effective employee survey software tool, Engagement Multiplier. May brings their first newsletter with stories of company transformation, Insights and a new Awards programme. The “Engaged Moment” is going […]

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A change of routine – like a holiday – often injects us with an increased dose of commitment to make a change to something that’s no longer fulfilling our needs. Deciding to move on from our current role is something […]

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I saw this question on another site and it got me thinking. Engagement and commitment come from a variety of sources, and the biggest source, in my mind, is having trustworthy leaders. When hiring and firing is not just happening […]

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I was speaking with a client yesterday and was reminded of my view and wanted to share it with anyone responsible for organising staff surveys. In my experience, the question which expresses employees’ voices more accurately than any other, what […]