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Suzanne Bourner, founder

Companies achieve their ambitious growth plans by focusing on their competitive advantage: people.

Can your company afford to lose its best people unnecessarily?

I’m Suzanne Bourner. For 20 years I’ve worked for brands like Panasonic, Orange, Siemens, SSE, Alcatel-Lucent, The Office of Fair Trading and Hewlett-Packard.

I’ve observed time and time again that a committed workforce is the strongest foundation on which all successful businesses are built.

What’s holding your business back? When it comes down to it, your people are what makes your business plummet or soar.

When people are not productive, invisibly, companies suffer. It’s like having a cold: you can’t see the actual virus, you only feel the symptoms: sick leave, poor decision making, conflict, silos, bullying, poor internal communication, unnecessary employee turnover, recruitment, training, poor innovation….all of which cost organisations quite a bit, don’t they?

I established Human Driven Business to help UK businesses with ambitious growth plans increase employee retention, performance and customer delight.

What is the easiest way to build a committed, highly productive workforce? Create a culture of trust. That’s it. I can talk to you in detail about how and what that means, but really, when employees feel supported by their leaders and enabled by their environment, they do their best work.

We all know that delighted employees extend their delight to customers, but is it part of your people strategy to actively delight your employees as you would your customers? Or do you just quietly hope that your people will do their best work while you prioritise something more important*?

There is no reason good enough to leave your business success “to chance”. Do you know for sure that your people are doing their best work? How?

* No such thing

Get your employee engagement wings out and see your business fly.

Employees are often the untapped treasure chest of incredible business insights. They can show you which aspects of your business are working well and which are not working so well. You can nip issues in the bud. Your company could become one of the 80% to reach “engaged status” within just 12 months of an effective programme.

Losing valued employees leaves a mark on your internal reputation as well as costing time and money. Engaging and retaining your best people is not as complicated, time-consuming or costly as you’d think.

So answer me now. Can you afford to lose your best people unnecessarily? Can you afford to plummet whilst your competition flies and claim not to know why?

What’s your burning business issue? Book a call right now for a quick chat to get this sorted.

I am in regular dialogue with a number of UK business school professors and am in touch with the most influential industry thought leaders in the UK, America and Australia. When appropriate for my clients, I suggest the services of one or more of my carefully selected Associates to provide niche expertise on issues including employment law, change strategy, leadership coaching, harmonious dismissal approaches and conflict management. We all love seeing our clients shine.


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What is the financial cost of any invisible disengagement in your own company? Use our easy Employee Engagement ROI Calculator to find out…. I know it’s not easy to admit it, but isn’t it better to be informed?