Enable employee excellence

“Our people are our business”. You’ll find that, or something like it, on most corporate websites. Perhaps it’s on yours.

So how come communicating with people remains the number one area for improvement on the staff survey? Why do your employee engagement activities and appraisals produce so little lasting change? If people really are “our business” why do we spend so much time addressing projects and processes, leaving little time for the people actually completing them?

Let’s do better. Let’s create human driven businesses.

Does your employee survey do this?


An employee survey that doesn’t mean more work for HR, managers or the CEO? An employee engagement survey that transforms – saves – companies inside and out, for just 10 minutes a quarter?

Your Stories

Bad Boss

Was this start-up stress inevitable or some insane environment?

Rachel was excited to be the first employee joining a London based start up, even at half her previous salary. But then financial issues rose to the surface, one of the founders had attention decifit hyperactivity disorder and then customers stopped signing up! What can we learn here?

UK infographics

Human Driven Business infographic cropped image

What are stress or disengagement really costing UK organisations? Our infographics tell all.

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